Welcome to St Mary the Virgin, Swainswick

Open minds… Open hearts… Open to prayer… and open doors in daylight hours

St Mary the Virgin, Innox lane, Upper Swainswick, Bath BA1 8DB


People have come to Swainswick Church for 700 years for worship and prayer, and for baptisms, weddings and funerals.  Many have also come just to visit the church and enjoy the atmosphere of beauty and stillness it offers.

Our  tiny church lies in the most beautiful valley in the world, where the Cotswolds peter out into Bath. Walkers stop to take time to rest (and the refreshments provided- help yourselves) before they continue their journey. Others have found peace  within the timeless prayerful atmosphere which this ancient building provides and for some it has also been a place of sanctuary.

People love the singing. Occasionally we have a pop up choir but normally the organist accompanies the hymns There is also some pretty good bell ringing on the first Sunday of the month.

All Saints, Woolley (another lovely country village church, across the valley) is our sister church and the Woolley Strawberry Tea is justly famous.  Woolley is also one of only 14 double Thankful villages, that’s to say that all those who fought in the first and second world war returned home safely. 

We  have firm links with Larkhall Springs a nursing home in the parish. And there’s Fountain House for young people with severe disabilities. Then there is the Swainswick fete in June, when village, school and church all come together and make sure everyone, especially visitors, has a wonderful time with traditional summer fair games. And we appreciate our friends in the school, village, and the Friends of Swainswick Church. And who wouldn’t enjoy the monthly Pub Swainswick and  Sing Swainswick? 

Cafe Swainswick takes place once  a month on a Wednesday  afternoon in term time, particularly for people who collect their children  from the school and for anyone else with an interest in cakes and community.   

For further details or for enquiries for baptisms and weddings, etc or any other form of spiritual help please contact:

the Rev Joyce Williams
St Mary’s HouseUpper SwainswickBath BA1 8BX

Tel: 01225 851531
Email: joyfulwilliams2004@yahoo.co.uk

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